Album Review: The Holdup – Leaves In The Pool

After a year filled with member changes, hot sauce, singles, kale, music videos and way too much teasing on social media — California-based group, The Holdup have released their 6th full-length album titled, Leaves in the Pool.

The temperature is plummeting across the country, but Mike Garmany and The Holdup are just starting to heat up. The Holdup brings the best parts from each previous release to Leaves and somehow manages to meld them together into a concentrated mood. The Holdup’s trademarked lyrical wit, as well as improved instrumentation, stands out in the 15 songs (and 1 interlude) of their most thoughtful effort to date.

As always, it’s difficult to place the band into any mainstream genre. Smooth island tones similar to Common Kings and The Green can be heard in songs like “Dumb Luck”, “This Ain’t Love”, “Right Away” and “Wait For Me”.


Garmany breaks out the guitar (on Leaves) on songs such as “Blink of an Eye” and “Nothin’s on Fire” and quite frankly, I wish he’d bring it out to play even more, as it adds a new, refreshing dynamic to their sound.

On “Almost Famous” and “10 Karats” The Holdup takes a chapter out of 2012’s Consequence and provides listeners with a dark, romantic dose of narcissism that will appease old fans and keep new listeners on their toes.


If you’ve slept on this band or haven’t taken them seriously in the past, it’s time to pay attention. The Holdup have perfected their blend of reggae, pop and r&b.

The only thing better than Leaves in the Pool would be 9 months of touring on it. Rating


Leaves in the Pool – Album Details

ARTIST: The Holdup

ALBUM: Leaves in the Pool

LABEL: Rootfire/Ineffable Music Group

HOMETOWN: San Jose, California

RELEASE DATE:  Dec. 1, 2016

PURCHASE: Digital | Physical


1. Neighborhood
2. Dumb Luck
3. Way Too High
4. Imperfections
5. Spoken For
6. Right Away
7. Blink of an Eye
8. Hotline Interlude
9. This Ain’t Love
10. Wait for Me
11. Nothin’s on Fire
12. The Truth
13. Leaves In The Pool
14. Almost Famous
15. Come for You
16. 10 Karats

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Album Review: The Holdup – Leaves In The Pool