Album Review: Night Panther – S/T

1004649_420992208016094_308298038_n_0Like any good film, it’s all about the build up. Night Panther’s nine-song debut gives the right amount of tease for your money, creating one of the most eclectic pop driven albums in recent memory, one that will continue to spin in your head long after the record’s end.

From the opening melody in “Pleasure to Meet You”, Night Panther commits to creating a catchy as hell listening experience perfect for a scenic drive in your folks 76′ Camaro.  Although Night Panther is by all standards a relatively new band, formed April of 2012, the trio is no stranger to the industry as they used to get wild in the Philadelphia act, Drink Up Buttercup. This can be heard in the mature musical stylings and composition found in songs like “Fever” and lyrically as depicted in the depths of the albums catchiest number, “Snudge.”

We take the pleasure in being defensive to please our senses forgetting our hearts were made for affection. We started a nasty fable.

The album mellows out during erie piano number “Queen Bitch” before picking back up with the likes of “Lioness” and “All For Love.”

While being wildly eclectic musically, Night Panther manages to bring their self described, sex-pop vibe full circle in this masterpiece of a debut. My only hope for next time is that there will be no tease.

ARTIST | Night Panther

LABEL | Small Plates Records

HOMETOWN | Doylestown, PA

RELEASE DATE | July 30th, 2013



Album Review: Night Panther – S/T